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on liberation and porn


“Once porn and real human sexuality were distinguishable. Not even porn’s biggest advocates would suggest a porn flick depicted reality, that women were gagging for sex 24/7 and would drop their clothes and submit to rough, anonymous sex at the slightest invitation. But as porn has seeped into mainstream culture, the line has blurred. To speak to men’s magazine editors, it is clear they believe that somehow in recent years, porn has come true. The sexually liberated modern woman turns out to resemble - what do you know! - the pneumatic, take-me-now-big-boy fuck-puppet of male fantasy after all.”

Janice Turner, in The Guardian UK

"The images that we reenact over and over again have absolutely nothing to do with our personal sexuality. I would say that what’s shown is basically — it’s not revolutionary, it’s not different, it’s the same old, same old, it’s women in uncomfortable positions pretending they feel good, and what’s revolutionary about that? What’s liberating about that?"

Porn actress Sarah-Katherine, interviewed by Chyng Sun in The Price of Pleasure


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