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A Collected Style

Varsity Blues

This baseball jacket I found at Macy’s a weekend ago had me feeling like I was in high school again. The memories of being part of a team again and also the fun I had hanging out with my friends during lunchtime. I put this look together to inspire the high school and college students who are looking to change up their wardrobe for spring. What do you think of today’s style post? 

Outfit Details: Black & White Saddles Shoes by Florsheim , SRI Warehouse $40 || Alpha Khakis by Dockers, $50 || Floral Tie by J.Crew , $21 || White Button Down by Dockers, Salvation Army $3 || Baseball Jacket by American Rag , $35 

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Be Wise. Be Free. Be Great. Be Forgiving. Be Ambitious. Be YOU.

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Anonymous asked:

can i still be body positive and advocate for fat acceptance and still want to lose weight? I hate how I feel in my body, and I know some of this hate is social conditioning and some is family history--but I'm tired of being unhappy in my skin. Even after therapy and treatment and years of education and practice about FA, I am still unhappy. Do I need to stay fat to be a part of the movement for self acceptance? Does losing weight make me a hypocrite?


what you do with your body is your business! this should not be about losing credibility within the body acceptance movement, because it’s for all bodies. lots of thinner people do great work in terms of body acceptance, provided they recognize that they are in a position of privilege and are charged with working towards allyship to fat people. 

that being said, while endorphins and feeling strong and healthy can feel awesome, losing (or gaining) weight is not an instant cure all for a lack of self love. fuck “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” — nothing tastes as good as loving yourself. losing weight will not fix not loving yourself. i’ve met lots of conventionally “hot” people - skinny, “pretty” whatever - who still hated themselves, even how they looked. i promise you losing weight in and of itself (especially if it’s to conform to some contrived hegemonic image of beautiful) will not change your overall happiness. 

i’m far more confident (about my appearance and otherwise) now than i was when i was thinner (in high school), and it has everything to do with things completely unrelated to my weight — starting college and being involved in things that really mattered to me, ending relationships with people who put me down, developing my politics and thinking about the whole concept of attractiveness, and being in an environment where i am valued and fit in better than high school. 

it sounds like you’ve taken some good steps — FA education and therapy are great. what’s also helped me with self esteem as a curvy girl (in conjunction with therapy and FA stuff) are not consuming damaging media (magazines, fashion blogs, TV shows even) that makes me feel bad about myself, and doing self esteem affirmations (i have a whole tag for them on my blog here.) 

also the best thing ever is realizing that no matter how you feel about your body, your heart, mind, and soul say a lot more about who you are as a person. are you kind to other people? are you kind and patient and complimentary with yourself? do you surround yourself with people who know that the very best version of you is who you are at your core? do you know that? do you help others feel good about themselves? loving your body and loving yourself as a whole unique individual are inextricably linked processes. 

this was a really hard question to answer, and there’s a lot more to say. i’d love to talk more about it with you. take care! sending good vibes your way!



The Furthest Thing From Perfect Like Everyone I Know
Damian Borja



The Furthest Thing From Perfect Like Everyone I Know

Damian Borja

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Stores That Cater To Plus Size Women


  1. Torrid
  2. Asos Curve 
  3. Alloy
  4. Old Navy
  5. eShakti
  6. Forever 21+
  7. Lane Bryant
  8. Fashion Bug
  9. Loop 18
  10. ModCloth
  11. Avenue
  12. One Stop Plus
  13. Jessica London
  14. Ashley Stewart
  15. Macy’s Plus
  16. Kiyonna
  17. Alight
  18. Roamans
  19. Deb Plus
  20. b & lu
  21. Dorothy Perkins
  22. Primark
  23. Evans
  24. City Chic
  25. Domino Dollhouse
  26. Dots
  27. Sealed With A Kiss Designs
  28. Ross
  29. TJ Maxx
  30. Marshalls
  31. Sears Plus
  32. Target Plus
  33. KMart Plus
  34. Fashion to Figure
  35. Simply Be
  36. eVogues

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just a few of the signs we made today for our rally on april 24 starting at 8:30AM! thanks to everyone who came out. 


selfie jam. cause i’ve been feeling super shitty about myself this week and i need to practice some self-luvin

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Anonymous asked:

Hey, are you aware that Nadia Abhoulson has said some really racist things, specifically against black people? Just asking because you keep posting her stuff, and I know you've not posted other people in the past for doing similar things.

It is impossible for me to know the entire history of everyone whose pictures I reblog because I like their outfits. It is impossible to know everything they’ve ever said. I believe that no one is disposable and if she’s saying racist things someone should talk to her about it and call her out/in and educate her instead of telling me not to reblog her fashion pictures that might help other girls feel more confident.

I’m not sure what good that really does in eradicating racism as an ideology we all learn all our lives. 

BUT if anyone is really emotionally upset by seeing the pictures or something please let me know and I won’t post em.

I hope you can get where I’m coming from about this because I’ve been thinking of this issue of “don’t reblog so and so because they said this” more.

You Say Fat Like It’s A Bad Thing - 5/?? | The Rockstars (requested by caterinasforzas )

You Say Fat Like It’s A Bad Thing - 5/?? | The Rockstars (requested by caterinasforzas )

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